Bill Blankenship  Principal / Owner

Bill Blankenship
Principal / Owner

Key Projects

“Cream of the crop will rise to the top”
– Bill Blankenship

Bill Blankenship is a principal and owner at Quorum, and has been in the architectural industry since 1970. Since becoming a registered architect in 1980, Bill has designed and developed many buildings and structures, working in offices in both Texas and California. As an architect devoted to his craft, Bill has worked on various projects including the 208° Catenary Curve structure at the Texas Amphitheatre, The Glen Rose Exposition Center, as well as master planning the Fairfield Expo. His more notable projects include buildings for the MTC Corporation and Santa Cruz Biotechnology, as well as the John Paul II High School Athletic Complex.

When he’s not behind a drafting desk, Bill likes to spend time with this wife Nancy, his children, and his lovely grandchildren. He also has been in the Arabian Horse circuit, both showing and breeding horses since 1981, even producing a two-time National Champion. Bill also can’t say no to a fly fishing trip with Nancy, and attending as many every event his grandchildren participate in.