River Legacy Living Science Center

Arlington, TX

The River Legacy Foundation was formed as a public/private partnership with the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department in 1988 in order to preserve and develop a 1,300-acre urban oasis following the curves of the Trinity River. This land is home to forest, wetlands and prairies providing habitat to countless birds, fish, mammals and native plants. The foundation works to provide funding for preservation and expansion of River Legacy Park and the organization’s education programs.

Within the park, the River Legacy Living Science Center opened in 1996 and features interactive exhibits, aquariums, terrariums and nature trails all aimed at education. The center was designed to blend in and enhance the surrounding environment with minimal impact on the environment. Quorum was engaged to design the new “Discovery Room” within the center. This 2,500 square foot renovation includes a 3D interactive experience and was a collaboration between Quorum, 900lbs of Creative and Split Rock Studios. In this space, visitors can immerse themselves in woodland habitats and the seasons of the Trinity River through interactive educational exhibits and activities. The space can be subdivided by movable partitions to allow for smaller learning labs, and the entire space can be used for meetings, weddings and traveling exhibits. Quorum continues to work with the foundation to preserve and develop the Living Science Center and its mission.