TCCD Offsite District Multi-Purpose Center

Fort Worth, TX

This Tarrant County College District Real Estate and Development facility for real estate and facilities personnel serves as an experiential lab to test and promote varying products and work styles. Therefore, the interior finish-out features the latest trends in the industry. The center ,which has an open office concept and exposed structure, also houses a large warehouse, records management and archives as well as inventory control and records. The office finish-out, meant to be experiential to try out alternative furniture pieces and styles that could potentially be used on campuses, includes a large space for mock-up use so personnel can create different furniture/floor plan layouts for classrooms. In the open office area, there are cubicle workstations outfitted with organizational accessories and ergonomic products. Throughout the space are varying size conference rooms, focus rooms and huddle spaces with a variety of furniture types to create different work settings. The conference rooms, made of demountable walls, have room reservation technology and are different colors to assist with wayfinding.